MarnaRoons is about the sweet fulfillment of big ideals. Our business model is designed to engage every customer in reflecting on life’s compelling questions and ultimate satisfactions while they indulge…

Baked-In Opportunity

What better way to improve the world and close the equity gaps that exist in society than by creating Baked-In Opportunity?

This women-owned small business is a social enterprise dedicated to bringing people together in diverse company to get to know each other, live and work out loud, and play hard together. For this reason, future plans call for an Open Hiring Model that has been shown to be transformative as a pathway for economic and community development – and it works especially well for bakeries!

Yet even now – as we start small and aim to grow huge with your help – a generous portion of the profits (at least 20%) from each and every purchase of our delicious, natural products goes to support organizations that have proven their capacity to advance people’s live/work/play opportunities.


Canal Dock Boathouse

Our designated organization is Canal Dock Boathouse, delivering the opportunity for inner-city youth to take part in recreational on-the-water activities on New Haven Harbor and Long Island Sound.

Since June 2021, MarnaRoons has donated more than $6200 to Canal Dock Boathouse.


of all profits
are donated to
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Our Operations

Reflecting our care for our customers and stakeholders, we operate to the highest standards for quality and safety.


MarnaRoons is made in a Connecticut Cottage Kitchen that is fully licensed by the Department of Consumer Protection, a division of the CT Department of Economic and Community Development

Founder’s Story

I have had many opportunities to travel and see the world, not only by land and by air but by water as well. In every mode, I have met deliciously interesting people and, of course, tasted their wonderful food. For instance, I discovered the most amazing dulce de leche in Argentina and now I’m sharing it with you!

Life has propelled me to a place of gratitude, introspection and contentment. So, naturally, I say, “let’s turn that on its head!” This new adventure will be a vehicle for further discovery, challenge and personal growth, and I invite you to help me create valuable life opportunities for others.

As further inspiration, I draw upon the principles of Conscious Capitalism. This is a global movement whose time has come, interlocking leadership, culture and higher purpose with concern for all stakeholders, including our beautiful planet.

Enjoy the journey,